[REVIEW] AirBnB virgin trial~ Penang Old House Home Sweet Home

Second day in Pulau Pinang, Malaysia. So, where to stay today? “Why don’t we check out AirBnB?” she asked.
“What the H*ll is that?”
 Frankly, This is the very first time I get to know more about Airbnb, and of course, that’s my girl idea~ haha. The only one who teach me alot, and change me alot. I think I’m too into you,baby! >///<
So, what is Airbnb? According to Wikipedia, Airbnb is a website for people to list, find, and rent lodging, it has over 1,500,000 listings in 34,000 cities and 190 countries. My conclusion is it’s something like Agoda, booking.com, tripadvisor and etc, the only difference is that all the listing in Airbnb is homestay.

As easy as other hotel booking website, just simply key in the place you planned to go, how many days you planned to stay, how many guest gonna stay, choose in between shared room, private room or entire house, adjust a price range and SEARCH. There’s a map on right side of the website, at the same time, You can also change the language and currency,  sign up as members or be a host at AirBnB, and rent out your extra rooms at your home here. Overall, quite user-friendly kind of website.


So at last, she picked up a host named ‘Penang Old House Homestay古厝’. It seems to be very nice place but due to my past experiences, I’m not having any high expectation on the place, because normally what we saw online are mostly for illustration purposes. But guess what, OMG, the owner or so called the host is very friendly guy and the place is awesome! So niceeeeee~~~~ 




Well, they have several types of rooms, but we picked the Santorini one~
So, here we go, the PENANG OLD HOUSE HOMESTAY.
The exterior of the houses at this area are all in old style design, but yet the paint on the walls makes em’ so colorful and nice. 


Okay, let’s go in. There’s coffee table for you to relax before you go into the house.


keyand access card is needed to enter the house. 
Just in case, when you reach here and dont know who to contact =)


So here we go, the living room. Did you spoted the cutie there? The teddy bear is waiting for the tourist to come home~~
Right after the living room, it’s the dining area. 




There’s refrigerator, drinking water, plates, cups, glasses, and etc to be use. How comfy is it? Omg… it’s really feels like home!
There’s another area behind, with another two rooms here. The decorations here makes the whole area seems so comfortable and nice.




Let’s go up to the room and take a look.
 So before entering the room, the bathroom is just at our left hand side, water heater, and basic bathroom equipment is all well prepared. 
Black and White Photos deco


The room is so nice and comfortable; it really makes you feels like you’re home. This is the reason why I love to stay in home stay!
Life Buoy prepared for those who wanna swim at here, but too bad, no swimming pool here, and the life buoy is a cushion. Haha


LCD TV with ASTRO channel (Paid Channel)


Socket beside your bed, convenience for you to charge your electronic device



After a long day, we have a nice sleep here and now, it’s time for our breakfast. But first, lemme take a selfie before we kick-start our brand new day~

Breakfast is provided by the host’s restaurant, the worker is really nice. He prepared us fried noodles with a cup of coffee. At the same time, he prepares us toast as well. The breakfast is simple yet it’s so yummy.



Is time for us to finish up our breakie! See ya next time

Opss..yea..your question : “Is it worth to stay?” We would definitely say YES!
Penang Old House Homestay 古厝
12, Jalan Phuah Hin Leong, 10500 Georgetown.
016-2820139 MR KOH

******~ Home Is Where Love Resides, Memories Are Created, Friends Always Belongs, And Laughter Never Ends. Lets Stay HOME~ ******



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