[REVIEW] Back To The Future- Time Capsule, Pulau Pinang

Finally we have time to go on a short trip together gather~~~


This is our first trip together and we decided to make it special, thus, we choose a special place to stay, you must be wondering where would it be? Tadaaa….here it is, the TIME CAPSULE.
Photo from www.penangtalk.com

It’s very convenience to spot if you’re in Chulia Street, it’s just right beside the Banana Boutique Hotel, or you can just search it in WAZE apps. 
There is a open air carpark opposite, overnight parking fees is RM15. Once you got here, you might wondering it’s a café, well, don’t get confuse that it is a café because their counter is inside the café. Haha. Nice environment here and the staff are very friendly and nice. Basically, 24 hours staying is RM70-83, with deposit of RM50 per person, while for 6 hours staying is RM48++.
So…..of course we need a pretty model to promote it huh? Here you go, my gorgeous sweetheart here.



What would I get after I pay? Well, here you go, Comb, sanitary bag, vanity kit, dental kit, shower cap, towel and a headphone all inside a Non-woven reusable bag and of course with their BIGGG LOGO on it. 

Can I take it away? Errr…Nope! Sorry~ Hahahahaha~ You would need to return it back when you leave. Too bad~~
What is it inside the capsule?


 There is a mirror surround by light (You may turn it off if you want to), a safety box (but seriously we don’t know how to close it even after few attempt tho), a fire extinguish, 2 pillow, blanket, a flat screen TV (but seriously it is sucks, you aren’t able to view anything instead of buffering all the time, since it needed WIFI to work, and the WIFI here is extremely slow even they mentioned that it is HIGH SPEED INTERNET)~ 
Oh ya…please ignore my darling bolster that she bring everywhere she go aka the busuk (“smelly” as in english). Hehe. 
Well, since it is quite narrow, where should we put our luggage? Nothing to be worry as they provided locker for each capsule. Each access card could only access to their own locker. 



And of course a few buttons here like: USB plug-in (Couldn’t even charging anything), a headphone plug-in (Not so sure whether it works since couldn’t watch tv), S.O.S button (No chance to try it on…Touch wood…Haha)

And there’s few lighting options here, but basically it is almost the same.
220V power socket. Oh ya, never the less, I didn’t get any adjustable air-cond here as mentioned in their page, because it is centralize air-cond….. Hmm… Or maybe there’s way to adjust it? Nobody knows. Or you know? Do comments here to lemme know. Haha 
Ok now… Let’s take a look the exterior of the capsule.
I don’t know why but it reminds me of the capsule styled lodge in train. It’s really similar but just slightly different in size. Ah ha.. you might wish to know whether it can fit two person? Yea, it is. But yet, you still need to pay for two and you get two capsules as well. Errr, somebody ask did we try it? Haha. Stay tune of my blog to know the answer! >_^ 
Overall, It’s pretty good experience here and This place is worth to try out. 
Where is it? And how to make reservations?
Here you go!! 

Time Capsule, Pulau Pinang

Location : 
418&420, Lebuh Chulia, George Town, 10200 George Town, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia.

~*** A mature brain is a time capsule, History resides in its structure – Julian B Barbour ***~



  1. Windz Neom

    October 16, 2015 at 2:16 am

    Yea, it worth for first try! A brand new special n unique hotel experience!

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