[MOVIES] WITH PRISONERS – Educate or Punishment?

Recently quite busy with my acting career, so whenever I have some free time, I will spent my time with my beloved baby girl and my bestie teck wah couples. There’re two movies that I would strongly recommended you guys to watch. Let’s start with the first one, it’s not a Hollywood blockbuster but Hong Kong movie <WITH PRISONERS>. Let’s visit these PRISONERS!

The story is about head of gangster ‘Ah Fan’ get into juvenile offender correctional institution because attacking police. He decided to suicide after 3 days as he feel very suffering getting abuse in the institution or so called ‘juvenile jail’. After he gets saved, he managed to meet his grandma that affect his decision as his grandma is the only parent he have. There’s only a tutor or so called sergeant that believe that these youngster can be educated to be good, and they shouldn’t be abuse in any circumstances.


Why I say this movie is very nice is because……
Main actor was fully naked in the movie!! WOW!!
Ofcourse not. Haha….that’s not the major point! This movie is considered based on real story as main actor and most of the featured talents are really a juvenile offender that been through all these before, that’s why their emotions are truly shown in the movies.
The title <With Prisoners> is actually want to bring out a message that Tutors and the juvenile offenders are all “imprisoned”. As the tutors was surrounded and “imprisoned” by the anger and hatred on law offenders, so they are finding ways to torture these prisoners. Did you find any different between them and the law offenders? Actually they are all imprisoned, don’t you think so?
The main message the director wanted to bring out is:

we should separated the [Educate] and [Punishment] among prisoners.  Should we?

In my opinion, YES! Punishment cannot bring any obvious changes on their behavior, instead it will bring negative effect on their emotion which leads to trauma, suicide or even worst case, the hatred and anger on them will increase and might lead to another crime like homicide?
IF those abuse scene in the movie was real, I wonder that the correctional institution should really research more on the method they use to “educate” the juvenile law offenders or so called the PRISONERS. And if the scenes was real, may I know where is the human rights for these law offenders?
For example teacher punish students, is it a must? We had been heard some cases of kids get abuse by teacher, nanny in child care center if you did concern, did you ever wonder what happened to the society? Why can’t those teacher or nanny imagine how hard pain is it if they are the parents of the kid?
No matter what, I strongly feels that [Punishment] and [Educate] is totally a different thing, depends on how you define and look into[human rights] and [empathy] on PRISONERS.
Well, There’s always good and also bad right? So what I don’t really like bout this movie? GIRLS! I wonder what’s the point that the tutors’ wives appeared in the movie? For a hot sex scene maybe? I don’t understand actually. Hahaha~ They worry that no one will watch it if it’s all male actor? Haha……Kinda pointless for all the girls scene seriously! Just ignore it perhaps.
Alright, last but not least, perhaps you should go cinema,or nearest DVD stores to check it out.Let me know how you feel about the movie maybe? See ya in the next post.

Photo Credits to <With Prisoners> Official Facebook page.


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  1. Racheal Loh

    July 8, 2017 at 10:32 am

    eh eh.. this i tak pernah watch… Macam not bad duh… Thanks for sharing, Bro

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