Don’t get frighten because of the picture, yea I know it’s kinda weird that I post the picture of KL LIFE CENTRE here.
WHY am I here? Because my baby girl wanna come for the so-called BEAUTY FAIR 2015…

Honestly, It seems to be a warehouse sale ROADSHOW rather than FAIR. It’s way too low profile since it is so “BIG”…Erm..yea..haha~ Soweee..I’m just being honest.
You don’t believe it? Check this out. Haha
HOWEVER, it is still have varieties of products here, just that i wonder why every product seems to be a tester or sample but they put on sale.
(Please stick these samples on the product you sold at the counter or stores, please! HEHE~~ )
Today is the first day but we get to know from the staff there, that some of the product had been sold out. OMG~~ Earning female money is the easiest task ever!
Bags, eyes shadow, concealers, cream, lotion,, mask, perfumes…anything from top to bottom…OMG…thinking to run a business to earn women money now! 😛
At first, she told me she ain’t going to buy a lot…but…ends up…
(Luckily it is not a beauty EXPO > < )
Guess what..At last we found out a guy stuff to buy here, the Shave Balm. At least, instead of perfume, there’s shave balm for guy! ><
Oh ya, forget to mentioned, one thing that I strongly recommend MUST BUY: SK2 Mask!! I get it one piece at RM49 before, but they are selling at RM15 here!!! What the <CENSORED>……
[Beauty begins the moment you decided to be yourself – Coco Chanel ]
OK…Don’t waste your time now! Grab all these stuff before it last! But always remember every women is pretty, but pretty ain’t not referring to your face which is full of make up, but pretty in a sense of pretty heart, pretty soul.
here’s the details of the beauty fair! See ya There^^
[Best Buy World 2015 Final Warehouse Sale]
2015/12/2 – 2015/12/4 (10AM-7PM)

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