Where should we go? What we eat later? What movie to watch? I guess these kind of questions appear all the time! And yes, so do we! And we…err practically is my baby girl who found out that there’s a Fashion Bazaar held by a new apps- SHOPPING KAKI on this Saturday. So yea, here we are, the SPACE café by blogger Jane Chuck and Daphne Charice.




Just to mention, try to spot both of us in SHOPPING KAKI apps viral video soon. Haha… this is where we get to know about this new app. Basically it’s a second hand stuff shopping app, where you can sell off or buy second hand stuff by using this app.


So what’s it about today? Jane Chuck, Daphne Charice, Brian See and FreezeforShort are selling off their preloved clothing at the bazaar. The proceeds collected on the day will be donated to a selected charity too! So you not only get to shop but you get to shop for a good cause! Guys, It is really a great excuse of your girlfriend to release the shopping freak outta their body…><




Once we arrived here, we were greet by them with a goodies bag which contained CHIPSTER chips and POCKY! 
Look at my baby girl face, she is so happy and can’t wait to start shopping! So, here we go…I mean here she go! 

At first she is trying on Daphne Charice outfit, but too bad, Daphne’s size is too small for her,so she found 3 pieces of dress from Jane Chuck wardrobe.

Some artist and famous blogger are chit chatting in the cafe too.


There’s some other blogger selling their stuff here too.


Yes, don’t ever believe if they said they won’t buy anything…hahahahahaha~ So these are what she get from Jane Chuck wardrobe.
However, I’m so happy to see my baby girl so excited and happy. At the same time, felt great that the money we spend today will be donate to those in need.


Download the app: http://bit.ly/skbazaar OR just simply key in ‘Shopping Kaki’ at your PLAY market or your Apps Store market.Just that easy! ^^
Oh ya, for Daphne and Jane’s Café, here you go, this is the address:
57-1, Jalan SS15/8A, 47500 Subang Jaya



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