[MOVIE] Experience Never Gets Old~

Hello guys! This is another event we went last year,but too bad that I left out to share with you all!
Event: [The Intern] Premiere
Date: 9th September 2015


Venue: GSC, One Utama

So what is my review on this movie?
 I would like to tell you some messages I got from this movie.


Well, I think this is the most important message from the movie. Ben staring by Robert De Niro, an old man who don’t know much about how to function a laptop , don’t know anything about twitter, facebook and any other social media you named it,but he still willing to learn. You are never too late to learn any new thing in life.
Respect an old people doesn’t means like when they teach us something, we respect them so we listen but never ever consider about their suggestion. I think most of youngster like us, we think that old people thinking is abit outta fashion but frankly, sometime what they shared are actually what they have been thru, they know what’s the result and they advice us. Caring doesn’t means like they are old, so we lower down their work. We should actually work together with them, sharing the task together. They might be slow but they don’t really want others to think that they are useless.
One of the quote in the movie. We must remember the reason why you start to do something, what is your intention, what you want to achieve. Yes, even though people around you might doubt about your decision, but sometimes, prove to them that you will continue it no matter what, because you believe in yourself and you know what you want. You’re never wrong to do what you want, as long as it is not illegal, it won’t harm anyone or yourself, WHY NOT?Dont be afraid to face any failure in life.
Life spends making mistakes is much honorable than life spends doing nothing. – George Bernard Shaw


It’s not about your position, your skin tone, your nationality, or you gender either, everybody also is a human after all. We are all created with emotion, we happy, we sad, we angry, we depress. Thus, don’t assume that we won’t have any wounds that will affect our emotion, even though we are smiling all the time.
Tablet phone, mobile phone, laptop, PC, PDA and etc, I think most probably you have it all. In this century, we are kinda too rely on all the electronic devices, so imagine is like, once we are out of battery or electric, we got nothing to be use. However, like BEN have his own notebook pad to write down things, things go easier. Yea you can’t have a backup, but at least, it is so portable, convenience for you to refer anytime. One more thing, you won’t mistake to send out cursing text to your mum when you angry like what happened in the movie. If it’s a note, you can just throw it, but if it’s a text, you can’t save anything. And trust me, you wont get a chance to sneak in your house to delete the text in your mum phone like them. No doubt! Haha.
Never the less, why I suggest you all to watch?
1. New Concept of a Company
Can you imagine if you could use bike in your working place? You can have everything like free nursery to take care of your child, free hair salon, free spa massage service and etc in your work place?And can you imagine your work place is so nice renovated and furnished? I think it is really a good motivation for workers. So please please please, MUST ask your employer or boss to watch this movie.



2. Fashion
Plain white shirt with black short skirt? OUT! Blue shirt with black formal skirt? OUT!
I think office ladies should definitely watch this. Anne Hardaway outfits in this movie are really looking so good.


Like what I mentioned earlier in this post, those messages the story brings out are really valuable. Watch it then you know it!^^


That’s all for my sharing! Stay tune for our next blog ya!
Oh ya! These are some of behind the scene photos^^






and the trailers!^^


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