[LIFE] Happy Birthday Sawyer!! ^^

Guess what? Our first event of the year in 2016 –
Sawyer Leong 8yrs old birthday party!!


Had been two years I know Sawyer family, I still remember im the one who get Sawyer Leong and Houson Ng to act in a Malaysia NTV7 channel Chinese series [The Scavenger].
Oh ya, you must be abit blur about whats going on here right? Okay, Never mention my occupation before, I’m Casting Director in Production D, a partnership with my “brother” Daren Lee. A little advertisement here, do contact us if you need any Pan Asian, Caucasian or local models, actor and actresses, show girls and talents.
Sawyer and Houson, they both are the most talented kid I seen in Malaysia, and they really get my attention, and that’s the reason why I get contact with them. Throwback 11 MAY 2014.  Haha
Ok,get back to the topic. As I remember last year his birthday party is at SOP Paradigm Mall, well, this year abit different, he get sponsored by Madame Waffle at One Utama Shopping Mall, and cake sponsorship from Catherine Bakery too!
Honestly, I never try Madame Waffle before and this is the first time I’m having it. The Waffles here tastes so so yummy, I feel like I’m a kid in a sudden, keep on doing free advertising for PEPSI: ASK FOR MORE!!! Yea…I really ask for more and more but not PEPSI of course, I ask for more and more waffles! ^^
Err…Sorry…I just can’t help when I saw delicious food!! Haha
One of the highlight is the Beat Box solo performance from this little cutie! OMG…so adorable!!

Give a big applause to Sawyer Leong~~~

Anyway, felt so happy to be invited here, met some celebrity friends here, and some of the talents too,
Such as this cutie Debbie Loo. So cute right? You might found her very familiar because she is so famous in TV and printed Commercial line.
Never the less, the tallest kid among all, Jayden. A young actor that I have high expectation on him.
Wish to see more of the events me and my baby girl going? Stay tune!!^^
Good day and bye^^

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