[REVIEW] How to make your gf happy! (SPECIAL TECHNIQUE)

How to make your girlfriend or wife feel good when she is menstruating?

As happy as my gf!^^
Honestly I don’t have any PhD in women psychology but I do have some expertise in this case. Haha~~

My top suggestion is to prepare food for her!! I mean…even it’s not nice! Sincere win everything! Vicky likes my cooking, so yea…she seems happy when I prepare her food and yea…never forget, be more gentlemen to serve her warm water and remind her to drink warm water when you guys having meals outside. Caring will get you some extra score too!
Secondly, I would suggest you to stay beside her instead of going around without her! Oh ya, never miss any calls from her, remember to text her time to time. Girls will be more sensitive than usual during their menstrual cycle period. Ermm…I’m actually means that they need more attention! Haha.
Last thing but I would strongly recommend!! BUY HER SANITARY PADS! Well, I’m not sure about any Caucasian or Eurasian, but for Asian, guys tend to feels uncomfortable of doing this. It ain’t bring you any bad luck by just touching a clean sanitary pad.  STRONGLY RECOMMENDED you guys to buy this sanitary pad, no matter you’re my male or female readers!


It comes in Day Use, Night Use and Panty Liner.


Well, yea, for guys’ information, night use pads will be a lot better in absorbency rate than day use. WHY? Because you can’t change your pad as many times as in day time. And guess what, according to Vicky, it’s just so nice, the night use pad absorbency is better than any other she ever tried.MOST IMPORTANTLY, you won’t felt uncomfortable.
Unlike the usual traditional pads, AMEZ do not contain any styrene, chloromethane and chloroform that may harm a female health.
Instead, AMEZ contain:


PEPPERMINT: Antiseptic and anti bacterial
ALOE VERA:  Reduce itchiness
LAVENDER: Reduce Tension and makes us relax
TEAPLANT: Optimize Immune system and alleviate pain-related illnesses
CHARMOMILE: enhances blood circulation
One thing, sounds weird but it’s really smells good once you unpacked. (OMG~ SO WEIRD TO SAY IT OUT)
Accroding to WHO (World Health Organization), 62% of female vaginal problems caused by unsealed un-sterilized unsanitary female napkins, and 78% of women experience itching and pain during menstrual cycle period. So AMEZ sounds great isn’t it?
Instead of luxury or branded things, simple thing or action like caring will be more than enough! Try to know more about your gf or wife, just like how you get to know her before tackling her! Don’t complaint that they’re hot temper during menstrual period, imagine what they experience then you would know. Haha~ Complaint no more with only RM12.90 each. ^^
You can buy these online at http://www.amezcare.com/online-store/.
Visit their website http://www.amezcare.com/ to know more about the products or their Facebook https://www.facebook.com/AmezCare/.
stay tune for my next blog post!^^


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    April 18, 2017 at 12:23 pm

    <3 Amez! Time to restock,Finish liao

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