[REVIEW] I’m going to act in the next MATRIX

Another busy week, totally restless week!! Shooting shooting shooting!
AIA TGV and Red One Prepaid TVC Shoot


Short film – Night Walker
Even though my schedule is packed with videos shooting, but here you go!

A total review on MATRIX PRE-WORKOUT supplement!

It only contains caffeine, creatine and sugars. NO amphetamine! NO stimulants! So you’re still eligible to participate in any official sports game after consuming! Hehe~
Caffeine? I guess most of you guys will be questioning about this! No worries, you still can sleep even you drink this supplement before workout. Normally I can’t get in sleep if I drink coffee during night time, BUT surprisingly, after I drink this supplement and went to gym for 2 hours yesterday, I still can sleep during night time.
Is it effective? Seriously, YES!!!
It’s just so explosive! Explosive Energy! endurance! Strength!  Half scoop of Matrix Hybrid Pre-workout formula contains sufficient power to increase the blood flow to your muscles which will enhance your muscle strength, in another word, endurance training and more stamina and energy!
At the same time, it can increase your mental alertness which makes you stay focused and delay your fatigue. You can get back to your workout quicker than ever before.
 Compared to last time, I need around 10mins for each rep, SERIOUSLY! To avoid being call for next rep, I go restroom, drink and chit chat with people around. But guess what, now I can just follow my trainer instruction by just resting 30-60 seconds after each rep. AND NEVER THE LESS, the most IMPORTANT attractive point, I won’t feel fainting and muscle sore after each reps!
Well, my shooting for world war II film will be start on October, so final preparation for my body size! Thanks god I met you, MATRIX PRE-WORKOUT supplement! ^^
Good bye guys! Stay Tune for my next blog! Back to work!!^^


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