[LIFE] It is Christmas in the heart that put Christmas in the air!

Christmas is the spirit of giving without a thought of getting. It is happiness because we see joy in people. It is forgetting self and finding time for others. It is discarding the meaningless and stressing the true values.
-Thomas S. Monson




I’m pretty sure that a lot of us went to several shopping mall just to take picture of their Christmas decoration isn’t it? Well, we are just the same! 
Our first station: Pavillion Mall, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Malaysian get to see snow falling from the sky.  The ‘snow’ will fall at 8pm every night during December. And ofcourse another attractive point here: The Swarovski Christmas tree
Second Station: Genting Highland, Malaysia
Since the theme park is still under renovation, so nothing much here, gambling or the Chipmunk theme Christmas deco.
Third Station: Subang Parade, Malaysia
Seriously, this is my first time here. So where am I? I’m the photographer. Where is my baby girl? She is the santarina in the picture. Spotted? LOL~~ 
Fourth Station: Sunway Pyramid, Malaysia
It’s PINKY! It’s PINKY!! (Girls’ reaction)
Well, the reason we were here is because of the complimentary ticket from Sunway Group for TRIKSTARS show @ Amphitheatre Sunway Lagoon. 
Combination of 5 close-up magic by famous magician such as award-winning Hungarian duo Sebastian & Christina (Magical Quick Change Dance), The Wizardry of Phelston, Nightmare show, Ruby Coby and Sylvester the Jestar. 
And ofcourse never the less, dazzling voice from Jaime Holland (The songstress), and slam dunk performance by King Charles Trouple (World Famous High flying Slam-dunking team) too. Never even dream to have the chance to watching it live!!! OMG~~
Overall, it is really an awesome show i had ever seen! Big applause to all the performers! BRAVO~ ^^ 
Last Station: One Utama, Kota Damansara, Malaysia



First of all, congratulation to Beaulogy Sdn Bhd for their MCC cosmetic shop Grand opening in One Utama Shopping Mall, Kuala Lumpur. Thanks for the invitation to celebrate it together. 
MCC cosmetic is a brand from Korean since year 2010; MCC Cosmetic offers quality and professional makeup products with the philosophy that expresses own style creativity as well as beyond the trend. Thanks Beaulogy Sdn Bhd to bring it to Malaysia for the ladies! 




Oh ya! There’s promotion since it is their grand opening. 
So guys out there, maybe you guys could check out here for Christmas present.Don’t says that i didn’t give you some hints on what to buy here, check this out dude! ^^



And never the less, AQUA WATERY ESSENCE CUSHION- 6-in-1 Multi Function Cushion
Whitening + wrinkle improvement +moisturizing + foundation + sunblock + cooling
It’s definately a OMG gift for your girl~~^^

It is Christmas in the heart that put Christmas in the air! 

Stay tune for our next post.
Special gift waiting for you!! ^^



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