Well well well, this is my latest blog after my previous blog get hacked.So… What am I going to introduce today? JEQ IN THE HOUSE
Honestly, If you’re not familiar with this place, you would probably just thought that it is just an ordinary residential area. But…who knows, there’s cafés here, and one of it is owned by a well known blogger? Anyway, you can easily spot this place thru WAZE, or much more easier for you to recognize, just bear in mind that, it is just right next to the police station. Imagine how safe is that in Malaysia? 

I get attracted by the blue cabinet right once I step into the café. Such a great antique cabinet to put it in front of the entrance.
There’s sofa on your right hand side, and there’s a row of seats which is facing to the outdoor. According to one of the co-owner, the interior design and concepts are inspired by the Taiwanese movie “Café waiting love”. Can you imagine like you’re sitting at the sofa, looking at the people and cars passing by the café,  so relaxing~~~
Right beside the cabinet, there’s a row of seats too,but I recommended not to drink any ice coffee here, because the desk is not suitable for cold drinks. Haha. The decoration at this area is just simple with a guitar on it, and guess what, the guitar is owned by one of the co-owner and barista here. A “she” I would like to say,do stay tune till the end of the article if you wanna know how she looks like. Haha


There’s counter and coffee making area on your right, and there’s seats on your left when you step in further. Well, honestly I would like to suggest to have seats at the counter area, because you may see the progress of coffee making, if you’re a coffee lover like me.




I’m a guy who really care bout hygiene and yea, they keep the place nice and tidy. Awesome~~
Another main point is the staff here. A business is success with staff who have a same vision and dreams like their boss did. The staff here are very polite and professional, especially when I knew that they can recognize their customers! This is really impressed me~
I knew you can’t wait for this! Coffee time!!!!


Looking at the whole process of coffee making is quite nervous for me because it makes me can’t wait to taste the coffee but at the same time, I’m kinda afraid that the coffee doesn’t taste good like my expectation. Not every barista know how to make a perfect coffee, don’t you think so? 

Before they start their business, I’m almost here every night to be the experimental mouse to give them comments on the coffee they made. At least 3-4 cups of coffee i taste per day. They really considered to put a lot of hard-work on their business huh?


Coffee art, whether it is nice or fail, it is all depends on a barista skills and experiences.The timing, the temperature of coffee and milk and etc.

I love the coffee here, especially the caffe latte here. It’s not too bitter, the steamed milk and espresso is just perfect mixture, not either one is too much or too less. Caffe mocha is another type of the coffee that I strongly recommended too.It’s alright if you aren’t a coffee lover, because tea is served here too.


Thousand times of testing on the food lead to the amount of the food in todays’ menu.The food here is really delicious. From choosing and consuming the ingredients, to cook is all lead by the female chef here – Jessica.


 No matter who you are, you will be a successful person if you dare to achieve your dream.can you ever imagine that a freelance girl could become a chef and a co-owner of a café, right?
Let’s talk bout the cakes here, I really love the jeq in the house signature a- Tiramisu cake that they served. Tiramisu cakes will be bitter if the amount of coffee liqueur is too much. the coffee liqueur their mixed in is not too much and the cake is soft, melting on your tongue once you put into your mouth…hmmm…..
Never the less to be mentioned, their jeq in the house Red Velvet cake. It is quite a big portion and too sweet to eat it alone.
Special thanks to ASTRO pageant 2014-  Iris (Left) who come along to support our mutual friend- Venice (Right), the barista and co-owner of Jeq In the House.
Lastly, do visit this cafes with your friends and family, it’s really a nice place to chill. Price range is from RM12 – RM40 ++ (Inclusive GST).


No. 19, Jalan 17/45, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. (馬來西亞)
FB: Jeq In The House
Official Website: www.jeq.my

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