Throwing back olden days, you must step out from your comfort house to buy things, but now with a laptop and internet, everything just got some much easier like counting 123 On Lazada .


Paypal, credit cards, cash on delivery or pick up from convenience store, anything you named it, it just fit all your requirements!


Lazada Men's clothing

When talk about online shopping, the first item I ever bought online was from……LAZADA  mens clothing. For my family members, they would prefer to buy anything online, but for me, I would prefer to buy clothes, or anything that won’t come with any expiry dates! Haha~ Just try my best to avoid all the complicated circumstances!




Normally we need to be concern about the product and the seller reputations and rating as well, because there are too many scamming cases but worry not because LAZADA helps to filter all before they can advertise! Isn’t it awesome!?


Besides, I do think that online shopping is a lot more time saving compared to windows shopping. Like for example, when I live in Kaohsiung Taiwan, it is just stone throw away from Shinjuku Street, I can find varieties of clothes over there but I chose online shopping because I’m lazy…opss I mean I prefer to save time!



Alright alright, without further a due, LAZADA give us a 3 days online shopping spree!! Here come the LAZADA 1111 & 1212 ONLINE REVOLUTION   !! Thousand thanks to LAZADA so that I can shop till I drop!!haha




Well well well, this is the first thing that had in my mind! The Macbook Air!


Macbook Air on Lazada


It is cheaper than the retail rate and the discount is up to RM600!!! Oh gosh, anyone would like to sponsor a bit for me? Haha. I will keep posting on blog to remind you guys alright? lolx



Do look around in LAZADA, in conjunction of  1111 & 1212 ONLINE REVOLUTION  , you can get up to 85% discount for some of the item!! What are you waiting for??



LAZADA do have a high discount on babies and toddlers products as well, mummies and papas, do log on to their website and save money now!!


How about all my viewer and readers here, what had you guys bought online before? And what had you all bought on LAZADA 1111 & 1212 ONLINE REVOLUTION ? Share to me now to stand a chance to win some attractive Christmas gift!


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