[LIFE] ONGline Tradition for Chinese New Year?

There’s so much Chinese tradition during Chinese New Year cannot wash hair and cannot sweep floor during first day of Chinese New Year, but did you ever wonder is there any online tradition during Chinese New Year?
NO?! Me either. Until……

Check this out! ^^
Yea yea yea, it’s me! I think this is my first time posting about my acting life huh?
Is that really online traditions? NOPE, I don’t think so! Haha…I’m just the actor.
Thanks a lot for my agent- Joe, director, assistant director, crews and the Magnum 4D, thanks for the chance and thanks for this awesome piece of video!
This is my very first video shooting that im involved in this year, Hopefully you guys enjoy this video, and do support me and our blog always yea!
Here are some of the photos from behind the scene~ Thanks my baby girl who stay whole day with me there, so heart breaking when seeing her more tired than me.I love you,vicky dear dear!^^
Aunty Alice as my mum …AGAIN! Haha~





Stay Tune for next blog post of mine, I will share my experiences to you guys!


Happy Chinese New Year to all~~

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