to all of my blog readers!!!

Had been busy for weeks before Chinese New Year with some shooting and making cookies for sell~Finally, is time to rest!!!

So what do we sell? Check this out!
BEST SELLING!! The Green Pea Cookies (Medium: RM17, Big: RM23)
SECOND BEST SELLING!! The Peanut Cookies (Medium: RM18, Big: RM25)
Chocolate Chips and Cereals (Medium: RM23, Big: RM30)


Fish Snack with Seaweed (Medium: RM18, Big: RM25)
Coconut Cookies (Medium: RM17, Big: RM23)
Thanks alot for all the supports from our customer, we managed to get 60++ orders even we are just open for order in one week time. Home made and quality guaranteed! Dear any café owner, do drop me an email at windz881019@gmail.com if you wish to tryout our cookies or wish to coorperate with us ya! ^^
Slightly different than last year, we didn’t going to our hometown since our grandparents are not around. We stay in KL and waiting for baby!!

It’s like so suffer yet so exciting thing ever happened in one life. She is so pain over there, laying down on the bed, but yet, still have to wait for delivering the baby. Going thru a period of suffer, shout and breathe like you didn’t get to breathe for years, then only successfully giving birth of the baby! Saw the tears and the sweat from the mum, i wonder how many person can hold their tears too!

Yea! It’s a baby! REAL BABY!!
Look at this cute “mami”~ So pretty and adorable >///<
wow wow wow, Don’t congrate us ya, because we are officially UNCLE and AUNT, but NOT PARENTS! Hahaha
It is actually my elder sister daughter whom just get birth on second day of Chinese New Year.Seems like she can’t wait to grab some angpow (Red Packet with money, as a gift for wishing good luck in life)
Name of this little cutie? Err…we can’t think about any name yet, seriously! But there’s one song keep playing in my mind: Hey jude~~Dont be afraid…~~

The beatles? Jude maybe? Hahaha~

Tell me what do you think, ok? Suggestion for names!

Thanks guys and have a nice chinese new year!^^


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