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Well, it’s my honor to be a guy who share beauty product with you all!!! I guess very rare you can see a guy posting reviews on beauty product huh?^^

This product is just so awesome for my skin, which is I think is some kind of combination skin, sometime oily and sometime dry. It’s a worse case when I’m in Taiwan,four seasons is really makes me have to prepare few types of cleanser throughout the year.

As you all know, I’m an actor, so I need to make up all the time before any shooting, and sometimes I’m just too tired to remove my make up before I went to bed. Yea, I know, it’s pretty harsh to my face, so I think I really need a deep cleansing to my face. And tadaaaa~~ this product appeared like an angel – B.liv Deep Impact.
Just around a small amount and you can feel the differences.


Unlike other scrub with micro beads, the jojoba beads are very gentle to remove my dead skin, it will just dissolve. Impressive huh? Normally you will feel your skin dry after using other cleanser? Well, Guess what…I’m guarantee that this product won’t give you such feel,  the Aloe Vera helps to moisture and nourishes my skin! At the same time, it tightened up my skin and my eye bags became less serious too. (My panda eyes is my signature…pretty cute huh? ^^). Last but not least, it also contain witch hazel, kaolin and tea tree which is very useful for our skin health.
CHECK THIS OUT YO!! B.Liv products are available at www.bliv.com, all SASA Malaysia outlets and exclusive sets in Watson Malaysia too. Try it to B.liv It.



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