First laser treatment in Premier Clinic @ BANGSAR

Whenever we think about having treatment for our face, the first thing that comes to our mind mostly is MONEY but tell you what, Premier Clinic offers treatment with affordable price without sacrificing the quality and safety of their services.

Premier Clinic provides quality services with well known brands of products and machines approved by the Malaysia Ministry of Health to ensure optimal result with minimal side effect.



One thing, I really like about Premier Clinic is because their professionalism and friendliness. From front counter to consultation and services, they just do it perfectly. “Every customer here is our priority and you all are our VVIP” as I were told by the friendly staff.




Branded Product Approved by MOHM

So that’s the reason why here we go again. The Premier Clinic Bangsar!



We were recommended to get consult by Dr Nigel because as I were told, he is TOP in treatment of pigmentation at PREMIER CLINIC BANGSAR and he can help me on the issue that I’m facing with my face since we would like to get consult and treatment regarding skin whitening and my eye bags problem.

Some little background of this handsome and nice doctor:

Dr Nigel, graduated from First Moscow State Medical University with honours. Subsequently, he obtained his Diploma in Aesthetic Medicine from American Acedemy of Aesthetic Medicine (AAAM). Besides, he is also a qualified Coolsculptor from Zeltic Coolsculpting University.

He is well trained in plastic surgery department, Hospital Ipoh and very skilful in a variety of minor skin surgeries, he is highly experienced in weight lost management and Cool Sculpting cryo lipolysis fat loss, minor skin surgeries, treatment of pigmentation, facial rejuvenation and reshaping.

When a person looks his or her BEST it brings out the person’s CONFIDENCE and CHARISMA.

After consult by Dr Nigel, we decided to take laser pigmentation treatment!! First ever in my life time, so I’m kind of nervous but Dr Nigel and the assistant was pretty good in comfort patient. Haha~ Trust me, is like friends even first met.



What I feel about laser pigmentation treatment was that, it sounds scary but not really scary. Laser is the word that makes me terrified because I worry it will be very pain.
However, it is just like ant bites and the whole treatment done within 15mins.

Fast and NO DOWNTIME. No need to hide in your house for few days without going anywhere.



First, the friendly and nice nurse will clean your face before the doctor start

Secondly, Doctor will inform you what he going to do.

Here we go, start the treatment.

after the treatment, the nurse will put on cold pack or cold towel to makes your skin cool down, and apply sun block lotions and moisturizer for you later on to keep your skin hydrated .


AND tadddaaaaa~~~ BABY SMOOTH SKIN is finally back to my face!! OMG~~ Try it to believe it, it is just so smooth!



The first two days after treatment, I did have itchiness and minimal redness on my face but worry not, because it is normal and it is really very minimal. Just remember to put on sun block and moisturizer every time when you go out to prevent any side effect after treatment ya! Never the less, don’t scratch even you felt itchy.



Everything is just so awesome, my skin became more smooth and my dark eye circles is lesser now; just remember to back to PREMIER CLINIC for the same treatment every month to maintain your smooth-like-silk skin.



Good news for credit card holders like me because PREMIER CLINIC offers 6, 12 and 24 months easy payment installments for Malaysian credit card holders.

Call PREMIER CLINIC BANGSAR now at +60-12-6625552 (contactable 7 days a week from 8am – 10pm) for enquiries or to make an appointment for your FREE consultation. Or email em’ at contactus@premier-clinic.com now.


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